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Operation Pandora Trigger Commandcenter

A MEAN Stack application created for Arma3 Community


All steps described here are working with a Debian based Linux system

Setup required 3rd Party Software

Setup for Development

Run the installation script located in the docs folder:


It installs NPM, Node and MongoDB on latest versions. In addition, it sets up the mongo deamon to start up automatically with the system.

Setup for Production

NOTE: It his highly recommended not to run the following steps as root user!

For production setup run the script, described in Setup for development, adding the parameter prod

./docs/opt-cc-environment/ prod

This adds the pm2 process manager to be installed and start the opt-cc server as pm2 process. Run the sudo command printed as last output to configure the pm2 process for automatic start on the system.


Run and Modify Application

NOTE: Do not use the execution described here in any production environment! It will make the running application highly vulnerable.

Before triggering the environment execution run

npm install

inside the main folder, to process all needed npm package installations for the program execution.

To compile the Angular code and afterwards start the Express server with nodemon for development purpose run

npm run dev

Any changes on server code will trigger an automatic restart of the Express server.

Changes on static code can be submitted with

npm run deploy-static

The page must be reloaded after this build step is finished, in order to make changes visible.

Run Tests


License Information

NodeJS Express Server (/server)

published under CC BY-SA 4.0 License \ Main concept for API Server, pagination and MongoDB usage by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Konert \ All endpoints, signature image builder and Arma3 RPT-Log parsing by Florian Hartwich

Angular 6 Frontend (/static)

published under MIT License